Monday, March 12, 2018

Wikipedia Trails: From Bluetooth to Phonograph

I saw Bluetooth on the myth item of Canvas home page and decided that is where my Wikipedia trial is going to start. I use Bluetooth almost every day and was curious about its origin.

From there I clicked on Wireless speaker. I don't use a wireless speaker as much as Bluetooth headphones, but I still appreciate their capabilities. I think it is amazing how speakers can play music through just Bluetooth.

There weren't many options to click on and I decided to go with RCA Plug. I was curious to see what this plug was. It was the plug that I used to use for my Nintendo 64 and can be seen in the picture below. The N64 was my childhood and I thought it was cool that I clicked on that link.

I clicked on phonograph next. This is where it all started. This device was created in 1877 and was the first thing to record and reproduce sounds. I thought it was interesting that I went from the newest technology of transmitting sounds to devices to the original.

RCA Plug Wikipedia

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